The story of YearOne

YearOne started developing business software in 1989.

As our business grew, we tried various off-the-shelf accounting software products and finally settled on Attaché. In fact, we were so happy with it that we diversified into accounting software consultancy and in 1995 became the first Authorised Attaché Centre in North Queensland.

We quickly recognised that software built for the masses will always fall short of individual needs. A solid accounting system is important but the management of operational tasks is critical to business success, and these operational needs vary from business to business. To meet our needs and those of our clients, we had to find a way to make Attaché more flexible.

Working closely with clients, we began to develop tightly integrated customisations for job and project management, CRM and quoting, timecosting and billing, manufacturing and reporting, and much more. These customisations grew into ‘YearOne PowerLink’ (PowerLink), which was formally released in 1999 and now has over 2000 users in 12 countries.

In 2008 we introduced business intelligence in the form of a new PowerLink module called ViewPoint, which displays key performance information in interactive dashboard gadgets. Attaché asked us to develop a similar product for mainstream Attaché users. This product was released in 2010 as ClearView, a suite of business intelligence modules based on ViewPoint and other elements of PowerLink. ClearView has since become an indispensible part of Attaché.

YearOne has moved out of Attaché consultancy but our close relationship with Attaché Software has continued. Our latest product, Cloud270, makes live Attaché and PowerLink data accessible on mobile devices.

The story continues...