Customisable Flowchart Menus

Create custom Flowchart Menus and specify the actions that occur when each icon (step) is clicked. Modify or copy standard flowchart menus or create new ones from scratch.

Customisable Kanban views

The kanban view displays jobs (or orders, quotes etc) as cards, divided into columns based on their status. Include employee images for easier visual management.

Configurable Workflow rules

For each Job Type, define the relevant Job Status Codes to improve control over progress. If needed, specify which employee will be assigned when the status is changed.

More control over custom fields

Create custom fields that relate to all Job Types, or only selected Types. During data entry only the custom fields that relate to the Job Type will be displayed.

Download free resources

Access the Extensions Gallery to watch training videos and download free reports, gadget data sources, document layouts and more. Your selections can be instantly installed for immediate use.

Improved record keeping for jobs

Job History notes are now automatically created when a new job is raised, and when a job is assigned to an employee. Optionally, the job details can be automatically emailed to the assigned employee.

In-line Styles for gadget data

Specify in-line styles to get more control over the appearance of cell data in a gadget. Styles can be based on a condition, e.g. negative values can display in red.

Manipulate gadget layouts on-screen

Stretch, shrink or move gadget columns on-screen, without modifying the underlying data source. Gridlines help you see the column boundaries. Changes made only relate to the logged in user.

Easy access to customisable reports

Searching for a report is now easier using the Report Type selection. Search our free online gallery, then make changes as needed using the improved interface.

Keep your favourites within easy reach

Each PowerLink program, dashboard page, report and solution you've recently accessed is now available via the File - Recent menu. Pin your favourite items to the menu so they're only a click away.

Easy access to information and help

PowerLink now delivers news and tips directly to your Start Page. New information links give easy access to support, product extensions and software updates.

Larger forms, better menus

Masterfile forms are now larger, giving you more space when laying out custom fields. Function keys and custom data entry forms are now accessed via the ribbon menu at the top of the form.