What Our Customers Say About Us

PowerLink and our other products are used by thousands of users every day in Australia, New Zealand, PNG and may other places. Here are just a few things that people have to say about our products and services.

Pressure Equipment Manufacturer

"We previously had a Unix based system which we needed to replace. Having been computerised for many years, our system was very site-specific. We found the combination of PowerLink and Attaché flexible enough to meet nearly all our objectives. We've been able to customise PowerLink to suit our methods. I've been happy with PowerLink and the support has been excellent.".

James Forbes

Group Managing Director

Forbes (Aust) Pty Ltd and Hunt Boilers

Plastics Manufacturer (water storage tanks, waterless toilet systems etc)

"We had been using Attaché, enhanced by PowerLink, since 2002. Recently we decided to review those systems to ensure we had the capability to support the company’s growth. We contacted Queensland Manufacturing Institute (QMI) who analysed what we had, and what features we needed. QMI advised us that our best course of action was to stick with the Attaché/PowerLink system, but have it upgraded and customised further to meet our production planning needs.

PowerLink provides us with the functionality that other systems only promise, and we were very involved in the creation and modification of the system to meet our needs. The system is easy to navigate around, and because we were already using the package, there was a level of familiarity that made the new version easy to adapt to.

If we had to go up to the next level, and install a much bigger system, we were looking at spending up to $150,000. Upgrading what we already had — and were already happy with — saved us a substantial amount of money, and the investment should pay for itself within a few years."

Ian Gough

Chief Executive Officer

Gough Plastics Pty Ltd

Manufacture and supply of Electrical Switchboards

"Quad Electrical manufactures custom built electrical switchboards for our clients (mostly in NSW). We use Powerlink daily to monitor our labour costs on each of our work-in-progress jobs. Powerlink gives us the ability to pinpoint any time commitment overruns as they happen. It provides on-time information which is invaluable in timetabling our workflows.

Powerlink has the ability to divide jobs within a job (ie parent & sub-jobs). We frequently use this feature to look at each job individually within the parent job to assess both time and material commitments. This is especially important for keeping track of deliveries of purchases and stores to be used on the job. The reports give us timely job costing information which helps run the business smoothly.

Powerlink also enables us to partially bill clients as each task (sub-job) is completed. This is very useful in keeping on top of cashflow within the business.

Powerlink also efficiently interfaces with our Attache accounting system – this has saved us countless hours of double entering invoices etc. Fantastic!

The support team at Powerlink has always been extremely helpful and knowledgeable. We highly recommend Powerlink to any business which requires job-costing at a reasonable price."

Greg Redman

Managing Director

Quad Electrical Pty Ltd

Import and distribution

"Our Group Companies started using PowerLink Financial Controller in 2002 and we expanded the software in 2003 to cover kit builds, foreign currency invoicing and statements, quotes and an extensive report library which has been tailor made to suit each of our businesses. PowerLink is an essential tool for our business. The support team and programmers at YearOne have been outstanding and we thank them for taking our business software to the next level and for continuing improvements which we believe will further increase time saving procedures for our staff as well as simplifying the procedure. We look forward to future developments."

Cathy Lamblin

ACS Group Divisional Manager, HR, Administration & Compliance

ACS Group