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Cloud270 apps make it easy for Your Whole Team to get access to the data they need, wherever they are, via smartphone, tablet or browser. Data is live and real-time, and you’re in full control of user access. If you need more information or you have custom app requirements, please Contact Us.




My Orders

See comprehensive details for your customers, create tasks, schedule visits, view and create customer orders.


Segment your stock and perform paperless stocktakes whenever needed. Check variances and update Attaché stock levels.

Purchases Manager

Allow staff to create purchase orders within defined limits. Over-limit purchases can be approved or rejected by management.

Order Picking

Scan picked items and validate against the order. Update Attaché for backordered items. Option to convert order to invoice.


Easy access to Customer, Product, Supplier and GL account details. Upload product images and create product catalogues.

My Quotes

View and manage existing Attaché quotes. Create new quotes and email to customers. Quote layouts can include product images.

My Jobs

Manage your active jobs in simple list format. Update status. Add notes, photos, time and materials. Create new jobs.

My Job Appointments

View and manage your scheduled job appointments. Update appointment and job status. Schedule new appointments.

My Job Timesheets

Ensure your job time has been accurately entered. Add timesheet lines. Email a signed Time Card to your Admin team.

My To Do List

View and update your active Tasks. Filter by category (Customers, Suppliers, Jobs, Employees). Create new Tasks.

My Customers

Manage your customers, create tasks, schedule visits. Create PowerLink Quotes using templates. Create Prospect codes.


Access hundreds of free reports via the Store. Build a list of favourites. View and email reports from your device.