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Easy schedule management

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Plan and manage your commitments

Use any web-enabled

Instantly access PowerLink appointments via smartphone, tablet or browser. Data is live and real-time. You’ll only see appointments assigned to your employee code.

Manage time more

See your appointments at a glance. Update the status of appointments and jobs. Add details of work performed. Check your availability and create new appointments.

Better collaboration, faster processing

Instantly see new job appointments created by others. View job history including notes and photos. Office staff can check appointment details and import to PowerLink timesheets.

See your job Appointments

If you need to perform work at scheduled times, office-based staff probably use Job Planner to create your appointments. With the ‘My Job Appointments’ app, you can instantly view your appointments and manage your schedule.

Control the Statuses you see

By default, the calendar is filtered to show active appointments assigned to your Employee code. The appointment Status is indicated by the colour; Tentative (yellow), Confirmed (blue) and Unavailable (red). If needed you can change the filter to include other statuses, e.g. you may also want to see your Attended appointments.

Move between dates to check availability

Use the navigation arrows to move forward or backward. The timeframe of the move depends on how many days you are viewing. E.g. if viewing 3 Days, the arrow will take you to the next 3-day period.

See comprehensive appointment details

Press an appointment to view more details, including job Location. When you view a new appointment, an acknowledgement symbol will appear against the appointment in Job Planner. This lets office-based staff know that you’re aware of the appointment.

See job status, contact, and comments

Below the Appointment details you’ll see Job details, including the job Type, Status and Contact details. You’ll also see any appointment comments. On a small device like a phone, swipe up to see all details.

Check availability on a specific date

To move to a specific date, press the date in the navigation bar. Move between months if needed. When you’re ready to move back to the current date, press ‘Today’ in the navigation bar.

Change the view to suit your needs

On a small device like a phone, the calendar will default to showing the 3 Days view. To see fewer (or more) days in your calendar, press the view and change the selection. E.g. you may want to hide weekends, or focus on one day only.

Instantly update attended appointments

If you don’t need to change any appointment details or add further information, you can simply mark an appointment as Attended. Press and hold the appointment and you’ll see a menu box. Select Change Status then select Attended.

Show (or hide) Attended appointments

If your filter includes appointments with the Status ‘Attended’, you’ll see the appointment is now green. Otherwise the appointment will not appear in your calendar, so you can just focus on active appointments.

Add or change appointment details

If you need to change some details or add information about work performed, select Edit Appointment. The appointment will open in Edit mode.

Change appointment time or Status

If needed, you can modify the date, time and duration of an appointment. You can also change the appointment Status. E.g. this visit is complete, so we’ve changed the Appointment Status to Attended.

Add details of work performed

Use the Appointment Note field to record details of work performed, and any comments required. Press the field to start typing. You can move into full screen mode if needed.

Use text Snippets to speed up typing

Do you have standard wording for common services? These can be created as Snippets and imported into the Appointment Note.

Public Snippets are created and maintained via the ‘Projects Manager’ app, for all users to access.

Use the voice typing function

You can also use the voice-to-text feature of your device to speed up typing. E.g. on an Android device, just press the microphone symbol and start talking. Much faster than typing – give it a try!

If needed, update the Job Status

Now that this appointment has been Attended, do you need to update the Job status? E.g. if no further appointments are required, the job may now be ready for billing.

Job Status codes and workflow rules can be defined to suit your requirements. Talk to us about your business needs.

Changes are visible to office-based staff

The details you enter are instantly available for checking by admin staff via customisable dashboards. This keeps them in the loop and saves hours of data entry.

Appointment details can create Timesheets

Appointment details can be processed into PowerLink Timesheets to speed up billing and payroll processes. Optionally, Attended appointments can automatically create timesheet lines; talk to us about your needs.

Instantly see changes made by office staff

You’ll also see changes made back at the office. As you update appointments, the screen will automatically refresh so you can see any new appointments created. Refresh the screen whenever needed so the information is up to the minute.

Open the Job to view other details

You may need to see more information about the job, such as previous work performed. When you select Open Job, the job associated with the selected appointment will open.

See Job History records

On the History tab for the job you’ll see notes and uploaded files. If previous work has been done on the job (e.g. via a different appointment that has been processed), you’ll also see Time details.

View files and photos

If a file or photo has been uploaded to the job, you can press the file to open the attachment. Uploaded files are stored in the cloud, so they are accessible to all users of job-related apps.

Create new appointment via ‘copy’

Do you need to return to a job later to do more work? The Copy Appointment button creates a new Tentative appointment using all details of the original appointment. You can then change the details as required.

Create new appointment via calendar

If you need to check your availability before creating the appointment, press a timeslot and you’ll see a plus sign. Press the plus to create a new Tentative appointment in that timeslot. The appointment is automatically assigned to your Employee code, and uses your default Shift code. Change the Finish time or Duration as needed.

Select the Job code to populate details

Don’t worry, you don’t have to type in all the customer details and location details! Just select the relevant Job code and all relevant fields will be automatically populated.

If needed, change the appointment Description

The Appointment Description defaults to the description of the associated job, but you can change this to suit your needs. This has no impact on the job, so you can set the Description to whatever helps you manage your schedule.

New appointments are visible to office staff

Appointments created via the app are instantly visible to office-based staff via Job Planner and other customisable dashboards.

View appointments in Kanban mode

If preferred, you can manage your appointments in Kanban Mode. Move move back to Calendar mode whenever you like.

Overdue appointments are highlighted

Kanban mode displays your appointments as ‘cards’, grouped by Date. If an active appointment has been missed, it will be highlighted as Overdue. Press the appointment to see more details. Edit the appointment if required.

Focus on active appointments

If needed, change the Filter to focus on active appointments. E.g. turn off Attended so you’ll see only appointments that are Tentative, Unavailable or Confirmed.

Check that nothing has been overlooked

Move between dates to check for overdue appointments. If appointments are created for leave absences (e.g. using an overhead ‘leave job’), you can change the status to Attended so time can be imported office staff know you’ve taken the time off.

Once Processed, an appointment can’t be edited

When appointment details have been imported to a Timesheet, the status is set to Processed. If needed, your filter can include Processed appointments; these are grey in colour and can’t be edited.