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Check and manage time on jobs

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Make sure your job time is accurate

Use any web-enabled

Instantly see your job time via smartphone, tablet or browser. Data is live and real-time. Users can only view and update active timesheets for their own employee code.

Check and add
timesheet details

Check details of your active timesheets. If needed, sign a Time Card and email it to your admin team. Add timesheet lines if anything has been overlooked.

Speed up billing and payroll processes

By taking control of your own timesheet entry, you’ll save the admin team hours of work and ensure processing is performed quickly and efficiently.

Instantly see your active timesheets

See all active timesheets linked to your Employee code, starting with the most recent date. Timesheet lines for each day are displayed on a summary ‘card’. Move between days using the navigation arrows. You’ll only see timesheets that are active, i.e. have not been imported into the Attache Payroll.

Check details of work performed

Press a card to see timesheet line details. Check the description of work performed; is there enough detail for billing purposes? Check the Shift code used; this controls cost and charge rates. The Timesheet Lines screen shows the last work performed at the top of the screen. Did Brad do any more job-related work after 3:30pm?

If needed, enter your ‘actual’ working hours

Some businesses expect all time worked to be captured against jobs (e.g. using overhead jobs as well as customer jobs). Others are happy to just record actual start and stop time. If you will be submitting a Time Card to your admin team, you can enter your actual working hours via the Edit Work Hours feature.

View your Time Card for the day

Select Time Card and you’ll see that your actual work hours are displayed, along with your time entered against jobs for the day selected. On a small device like a phone, swipe up to see more details.

Double-check time allocated to jobs

Below your actual working hours for the day you’ll see the time allocated to jobs. On a small device like a phone, swipe across to see more details.

If required, add a signature

Does your admin team need to formally sign-off on your hours? This could be your own signature, or a signature from a supervisor or customer. E.g. if you worked all day on a job site, you may need the customer’s signature for billing purposes. A date and time stamp is stored along with the name and signature.

Email the Time Card to your admin team

Your Time Card can be emailed in PDF format to your admin team for checking. If needed, office-based workers can correct details via the PowerLink timesheet.

Time Card layouts are customisable

All Time Card details are included in the PDF. If you have specific information needs, custom layouts can be created. E.g. you may need to include more (or less) information. Talk to us about your needs.

If needed, create a new timesheet line

If you’ve forgotten to add some time to a job, you can create a new timesheet line by pressing the plus sign. Select Hours to create a new timesheet line for your time.

Search for the relevant job

The timesheet line is automatically assigned to your Employee code, and uses your default Shift code. Modify your time details as needed. Search for the relevant job using the job number (if known) or any part of the job description. Press the relevant job to select it.

Use text Snippets to speed up typing

Do you have standard wording for common services? These can be created as Snippets and imported into the Appointment Note.

Public Snippets are created and maintained via the ‘Projects Manager’ app, for all users to access.

Use the voice typing function

You can also use the voice-to-text feature of your device to speed up typing. E.g. on an Android device, just press the microphone symbol and start talking. Much faster than typing – give it a try!

When saved, the line is added to your timesheet

After saving the details, press the back button and you’ll see that the details have been added to your timesheet. Active timesheet lines can be edited if needed, unless they have been billed to the customer.

Managers can see time for other team members

If you’re a manager, you’ll want to see active timesheets for your entire team. The management version of this app (Job Timesheets Manager) provides similar functionality but shows timesheets for all Employee codes. Hide the summary details if needed. To learn more about the Job Timesheets Manager app, please contact us.