My Jobs app

Easy job management

Stay on top of your job queue

Use any web-enabled

Instantly access PowerLink jobs via smartphone, tablet or browser. Data is live and real-time. Job list only includes active jobs assigned to the user’s employee code.

Keep your whole team
in the loop

Add job notes and details of work performed. Upload photos and files. Update checklists and job status. Changes made to jobs are instantly updated back at the office.

Less paper and more

No more lost or late paperwork! Add time and materials directly to the job and get a digital sign-off on the job card. Details added are instantly available for billing.

Manage jobs by date and priority

If you perform work based on date required and urgency, the ‘My Jobs’ app will help you manage your queue. See all active jobs assigned to your Employee code. The Overdue Jobs view shows the oldest jobs at the top, grouped by Date Required and ordered by Priority

Change the list order to suit your needs

To see your jobs in a different order, select a different View. E.g. you may want to focus on the newest jobs that have been added to your list. Or you may want to see jobs by status, so all the ‘Not Started’ jobs appear at the top of your list.

If multiple jobs fall onto the same day and have the same priority, they’ll be ordered by the time field.

Access comprehensive job details

Jobs are displayed as ‘cards’ with summary information. Press any part of the card to see more details, including custom fields. Other information can be seen by moving to another tab.

View job history, update checklists

On the History tab you’ll see any notes, time and checklists. Each job can have multiple customisable checklists. Press a checklist item to update or add details.

Press the Home icon to return to your job list. On a phone you’ll see this at the bottom of your screen.

See up-to-the-minute details

If details change, paper job cards become unreliable. What if the customer has called back and given different c ontact details, or extra instructions about work to be done? With live and real-time access to job information, you’ll instantly see any changes made by other staff.

Add details of work performed

On the History tab, you can add Notes and Checklists. If you need to record the cost of your work, you can add your Time, Allowance details (e.g. kilometres travelled) and Materials used from stock.

Speed up data entry and billing

The details you enter are instantly available for checking by admin staff, saving hours of data entry. If your work is charged to the customer, you’ll also help speed up billing. Details are visible as a record of work performed, in case any questions are raised by the customer.

Capture a signature and job card details

Do you give the customer paperwork to sign? Does the signed copy have to be filed, or scanned then shredded? Save time and paper by capturing an electronic signature. The job card details can be emailed to the customer or to another team member. Fast and professional!

Change the job Status as required

Jobs remain in your list until they are 100% complete or assigned to another team member. Press and hold a job to change the status directly from your list; you’ll see the status codes relevant to the job type.

Workflow rules can be defined in PowerLink to streamline this; talk to us about your business needs.

Refresh your list to update details

Data is live and real-time, so when you refresh your list you’ll see any new jobs that have been created by other staff. Changes made by other staff will also be available, such as status updates and notes. After refreshing, any 100% complete jobs will no longer appear in your list (but they are still available via other views or searches).

Fast, easy job searches

Access the job search from any screen of the app. Type in the job code if you know it, or any part of the job description. If you’ve typed in a job code, the job will open as soon as you press Search.

Store more information about jobs

Do you need to store documentation with jobs, like specifications or instruction manuals? This can be done via the History tab. E.g. the manual for this forklift has been uploaded to the job as an attachment to a Note.

Centralised job information

Files uploaded via the app are stored in the Amazon cloud, and are accessible by all users via any job-related app (i.e. not just ‘My Jobs’). Press an attachment to open the file.

Upload photos to the job files

Do you need to take photos, e.g. to show repairs required or prove that a job was done? On the Files tab, press the plus icon and select to use the Camera. The photo will be uploaded to the job, stamped with the date and your user name.

If permitted, add new jobs

If you have been given permission to create new jobs, you can do this via the Add Job function on the app’s Home screen. If you don’t have permission, you’ll receive a message to check with your administrator (the person who manages the app access within your business).

Creating a new job is as easy as 1-2-3

When creating a new job, type in a description, select the Customer and select the Department. The Contact, Phone, Email and Address details will automatically populate based on the selected Customer, but can be overridden.

Add extra details if required

The job is automatically assigned to your Employee code. The Job Type and Status fields can have default settings. Other fields may also be useful when managing jobs, e.g. add a Comment and change the Priority.

Manage jobs in the way that best suits you

When you save the job and return to the app Home page, you’ll see the new job in your list. If you select the ‘Newest Jobs’ view, you’ll see the job at the top of your list.

If you have specific job management needs, take a look at other job-related apps or contact us about your requirements.