My Orders app

Equip your sales team for success

4 steps

to creating a customer order

  1. Select customer. Select from your list, or search using the customer’s code or business name. You’ll only see customers that are assigned to your Sales Rep code.
  2. Create draft order. Create from scratch or copy a previous order. Search for products and see availability. Use the filters to narrow your search, e.g. focus on products in the Kitchenware group.
  3. Save the draft. At this point the order exists only in the cloud-based Cart and can be edited or deleted.
  4. Send to Attache. This imports the order into Attache and assigns an order number. The order can then be viewed via the app, but it can’t be edited. Office staff receive an email notification and can make changes via Attache if needed.

Easy access to everything you need

Use any web-enabled device

Instantly access customer and product details via smartphone, tablet or browser. Data is live and real-time. Users only see customers assigned to their Sales Rep code.

See comprehensive customer details

No need to call the office – see customer contacts, credit limit, account status, order details and sales history. View notes and tasks created by other staff.

Streamline sales processing

View customer sales history and stock availability. Orders created via the app can be immediately imported to Attache to reserve stock. Office staff are automatically notified.

Tools to help manage your customers

Comprehensive details at your fingertips

Select a customer and you’ll see their main contact details and account status. Press their address to open the location in Google maps. Move between the tabs to see Visits, Tasks, Transactions, Contacts and more.

See real-time details of customer orders

View active and completed order details. Press a line to see more information including backorder quantity. Data is live, so the details you see will automatically update if changes are made back at the office.

View and search product sales history

Prepare for customer visits and follow-ups by checking the products they have recently purchased. Data is live; no uploads or downloads. If needed you can specify a date range and filter on product group or keyword to narrow your search.

Create notes and tasks for follow-up

Record details of discussions and assign a contact type, e.g. Phone Contact, Store Visit etc. To speed up the entry of detailed notes, use the voice typing feature on your device.

Schedule visits and stay in the loop

Create visits for customers and manage your schedule in a calendar interface. See notes and tasks entered by other team members, so you’re aware of issues that may impact customer relationships.

View and manage contact details

See details of individual contacts for a customer. Press their email address to send an email from your device; press their phone number to make a call. If permitted, you can add and update customer contacts. This will instantly update office records.

View account balance and transactions

Overdue invoices may be best followed up by you, rather than the accounts team. It’s easy to check balances and see unpaid invoices.

See details of overdue invoices

Press an invoice to see more details. If the customer was not aware of the invoice, you can email a copy directly from your device.

Focus on what’s important

On the home page you can toggle between active orders, active customers and run list. Customers are ordered by overdue balance, so you can easily see problematic accounts. Run list includes today’s visits and any overdue visits.

Create a new order in moments

Copy an existing order or create a new order ‘from scratch’. Type in a contact name or select from the list. If needed, select a different delivery code or override the delivery details. Add a reference and you’re ready to start adding product lines.

Find products fast with flexible searches

When adding products to an order, you can search based on the customer’s purchasing history, or search All Products. Type in any part of a product name and use the filters to narrow your search. Stock availability is displayed on screen.

Select Products or Services

Service lines can also be included in your search by switching on the ‘Show Services’ option. Press an item and enter the quantity required. The quantity you specify is displayed on screen; e.g. 3 toasters will be added to the order.

Use pricing defined in Attaché

Pricing is based on the setups in your Attaché system. You can edit lines to change quantity or pricing details, or add a special instruction if required. E.g. add a comment that the toasters are to be supplied in red.

Capture a customer signature

If needed you can also capture a signature, which is stored in the cloud and only accessible via the app. The signature is stamped with the date and time, and linked to order details including Reference and total cost. If any of these details change, the customer will need to sign again.

Drafts can be edited then sent to Attache

When you save an order, it is stored as a draft in the cloud-based Cart. Draft orders can be edited or deleted. When you’re ready, the order can be imported into Attaché. Once imported, the order can no longer be edited via the app.

Notifications keep office staff in the loop

When an order is sent to Attaché, a notification is automatically sent the ‘sales’ email address, which is defined in the Settings app. If you use a shared mailbox, multiple staff can monitor incoming orders and check or edit details.

Orders are imported within moments

Within a few moments when you refresh the screen, you’ll see the order number is displayed. All details entered via the app are now in Attaché. If any changes are made by office staff, you’ll see the new details next time you view the order.

Send order details to customers

A confirmation email can be sent to the customer with the order details attached as a pdf. View the layout before sending the email. Multiple layouts can be created to suit your needs. Select a different layout and the pdf will change dynamically.

Integrated, secure and customisable

Attache data is instantly available

Your Attaché customer and product data is immediately available including sales history, account transactions and special pricing setups. Data is live and real-time.

You have total control over data access

Your data remains on your local server; nothing is downloaded to the device. You are in complete control of access. Users only see customers assigned to their Rep code.

Add apps for more functionality

This is just one app in our gallery. If you need more features, or you’d like to streamline other areas, just let us know what you need. Custom apps can also be quickly created.