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4 steps

to faster, paperless picking

  1. Assign order/s to pick. Search active Attache orders by number, customer or reference. Press an order to assign to yourself for picking.
  2. Start picking. Select the assigned order and press ‘Pick Order’. Scan the barcode (or search by product code), enter the picked quantity and press OK. If fully picked, the order line will move into the Picked column.
  3. View and email the Picking Slip. At any time you can view the electronic Picking Slip and email as a PDF directly from the app.
  4. Update order details. When picking is complete, update the order in Attaché. This also updates any backorder quantities. Optionally, the order can be invoiced directly via the app.

Streamline order fulfilment processes

Use any web-enabled device

Instantly view and pick Attaché orders via smartphone or tablet; any internet enable device. Data is live and real-time. Add a compatible scanner if products are barcoded.

Eliminate costly picking errors

Scan (or search for) picked items. Product codes are validated against the customer order, so picking mistakes are eliminated. Partially picked lines are highlighted.

Update orders from the warehouse floor

Update Attaché for backordered items. An email can be sent to the admin team when an order is picked. Option to convert orders to invoices to speed up data entry.

Search and select customer orders

Search for a specific order based on document number, customer name or code, or reference. To see all orders, leave the search field blank and press Search. Data is live, so new orders will be visible within moments. Press an order to assign it for picking.

Manage your picking list

Assigned orders are displayed as cards, grouped into columns by Delivery Date. Cards details include the order number and reference, customer details, picking status and the number of lines to be picked. Press a card to get started.

Minimal training required

Buttons show you the available processes, so most users can get started fast with minimal training. To begin picking, press Pick Order. If for any reason the order is not ready for picking, you can simply remove it from your list.

Order data is live and real-time

Product lines appear in the ‘Not Picked’ column, with the bin location displayed. Details are per the Attache order. You can refresh the order at any time, to pick up any last minute changes that may have been made.

Scan or search to select items to pick

The search field automatically displays when you start picking. At this point you can scan the item’s barcode, or type in the product code and press Search. You can also press Cancel and simply select an item from the Not Picked column.

Supports full and partial picking

The Picked Qty is automatically set to the Ordered Qty. If you have picked the entire quantity, just press OK. If the line is only partially picked (e.g. if stock is not available), adjust the quantity then press OK.

See your picking progress

Fully picked lines move from ‘Not Picked’ into the ‘Picked’ column, so you know exactly where you’re up to. The record is stamped with the date and time, and also stores the picker’s User name and Reference (as defined in the app settings).

Searches validate against the order

If you’ve picked an item that is not on the order, your scan (or search) will be unsuccessful and you’ll be prompted to try again. This avoids costly dispatch mistakes, which can lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Partially picked lines are highlighted

Partially picked lines remain at the top of the Not Picked column. If the line is now fully picked (e.g. from overflow stock stored in another area of the warehouse), select the line and update the quantity.

Refresh order details while picking

If your customers sometimes make last minute changes, you can refresh the order while picking. This retrieves the current details from the Attaché order, without losing your picked line details.

Update the Attaché order

When picking is complete, update the order in Attaché. The Update Order option will set the order’s Run Number to reflect whether it is fully or partially complete. The Backorder quantity will be updated for any unpicked items. Order update is handled via Attaché’s ADI feature.

Option to invoice the order

Optionally, you can invoice the order at the same time as updating it. This suits businesses whose pickers are also responsible for dispatching orders and arranging couriers.

Admin staff can be automatically notified

When an order is completed, a notification can be automatically emailed from the user to a default address defined in the Settings. Email details include whether any lines have been backordered, and whether the order is complete (invoiced) or still active.

Fully picked orders are set to Run No 11111

Order 1232 was fully picked, so the Run Number has been set to 11111. This makes it easy for admin staff to invoice orders in bulk via Attaché. As this order has been fully picked, it will no longer be visible in the app.

Part-picked orders are set to Run No 22222

Order 1237 was partially picked, so the Run Number has been set to 22222. The backorder quantity of the part-picked line has been updated. This order will remain visible in the app so the item can be picked when stock is available.

View or email the picking slip

The picking slip can be checked at any time and emailed directly from the app in PDF format. Type in or select an email address. The body of the email can utilise pre-defined text Snippets, or simply type in the details.

Save some precious trees!

The electronic picking slip shows standard information including quantity ordered, invoiced and picked. Reduce paper, reduce costs and do your bit to help the planet.

Integrated, secure and customisable

Attache data is instantly available

Your Attaché customer and product data is immediately available including sales history, account transactions and special pricing setups. Data is live and real-time.

You have total control over data access

Your data remains on your local server; nothing is downloaded to the device. You are in complete control of access. Users only see customers assigned to their Rep code.

Add apps for more functionality

This is just one app in our gallery. If you need more features, or you’d like to streamline other areas, just let us know what you need. Custom apps can also be quickly created.