Purchases Manager app

Improve control over spending

4 steps

to creating a purchase order

  1. Select supplier. Search using the supplier’s code or any part of their business name. Only active suppliers are accessible.
  2. Create draft purchase. Create from scratch or copy a previous purchase, and select a supplier contact if needed. Add Product or Sundry items, selecting a job or cost centre code if required.
  3. Save the draft. At this point the purchase exists only in the cloud-based Cart and can be edited or deleted. The purchase order number will only be displayed if the total value falls within your approval limit.
  4. Send to Attaché. If within your limit, the purchase will be imported to Attache. If outside your limit, it will be marked for approval and a request email will be sent to your nominated approver.

Easier purchasing, more control

Use any web-enabled device

Authorised users can create purchase orders via smartphone, tablet or browser. Integrates seamlessly with Attache, so your normal purchasing procedures are not impacted.

Define simple purchase approval rules

Specify an approval limit and a default ‘approver’ for each user. If a purchase exceeds the user’s limit, their approver will receive an email notification with details.

Approved purchases update to Attache

If a purchase falls within the user’s limit it will import automatically into Attaché via ADI. If it exceeds the user’s limit, it must first be approved by a user with a higher limit.

Easy to setup, easy to use

Define approval settings for employees

Brad has an approval limit of $50 and his default approver is George, whose limit is $500. If Brad creates a purchase order for $100, George will be notified and can approve the purchase. If Brad’s purchase is $600, George will be notified but Jenny (or John) will need to approve.

View and create purchase orders

Supplier contacts, active purchases and purchasing history are immediately available via the app. Search for and select a supplier to see purchases; press a purchase order to see details. Press the plus to create a new purchase order for the selected supplier.

Add Product, Sundry and Comment lines

If you use Product or Service codes, these can be selected when creating a purchase order. You can also add Sundry and Comment lines. When adding a Comment, use the voice typing feature on your device to quickly record details, e.g. a reason for the purchase.

Search and select a cost centre or job code

Each pricing line can be associated with a cost centre code or job code. If using jobs, the purchase details will be available on job costing reports and enquiries as soon as the purchase order is sent to Attache.

Send purchase orders to Attaché

Initially the purchase order is saved as a Draft in the cloud-based cart. A purchase order number only displays if the value falls within the user’s limit. While in draft mode the purchase order can be edited, deleted or sent to Attaché. If ‘send confirmation’ is switched on, an email will be automatically sent to the supplier contact.

Within-limit purchases are automatically approved

Purchase order FS00013 for Loder Industries was within Brad’s $50 limit, so it was automatically approved and imported to Attache. Brad can view the purchase order, but it cannot be edited via the app now that it has been imported to Attache.

Automated notification to all parties

When a purchase order is imported to Attache, a confirmation email is automatically sent to the nominated admin address. The email is generated from the approver, who in this case is Brad. The ‘send confirmation’ option was ticked, so the email was also sent to the supplier contact’s email address. Purchase order details are attached in PDF format.

Full details import to Attache

The admin team can view the PDF and check that the purchase order has imported successfully into Attache. The originator of the purchase order is displayed as the Sales Rep. The app uses the same line types as Attache (Sundry, Product and Comment), so line details are identical.

Over-limit purchases must be approved

The app controls the purchase numbering. If a purchase exceeds the user’s limit they will not see the purchase order number. Brad has created a purchase order for $77, which exceeds his limit. His purchase will need to be approved by a user with a higher limit.

Purchases pending approval can’t be edited

When Brad submits his purchase, it is set to a pending state rather than being imported to Attache. An request email is automatically generated to his default approver. While in the pending state, the purchase order cannot be edited.

Approval requests are automatically sent

George, Brad’s default approver, is automatically sent an approval request with purchase details attached. George will need to access the app to approve, reject or cancel the purchase.

Any user can approve, if within their limit

George sees the purchase order in his Pending Approval list. This displays all unapproved purchases that fall within his $500 limit. George can view but not edit the purchase order. George has approved this purchase and sent it to Attache.

Confirmations keep everyone in the loop

When George approves the purchase, a confirmation email is automatically generated. This is sent to George and copied to all parties; the admin team, the purchase originator (Brad) and the supplier contact as specified on the purchase order.

Purchases can be rejected or cancelled

Rejecting the purchase order will allow the originator to edit the purchase order then resubmit it for approval. The purchase order is removed from the Pending Approvals list and a notification email is automatically sent to the originator. Alternatively the purchase could be cancelled.

Rejected purchases can be resubmitted

Jenny has rejected Brad’s purchase order for $660. An email has automatically been sent from Jenny to Brad, alerting him of the rejection. Brad can then edit the purchase order and resubmit it for approval, or delete it and start again.

Integrated, secure and customisable

Attache data is instantly available

All your suppliers are immediately available, along with purchasing history and Contacts (if used). Product data is also available. Data is live and real-time.

You have total control over data access

Your data remains on your local server; nothing is downloaded to the device. You are in complete control of user access. Mobile users have no access to Approval settings.

Add apps for more functionality

This is just one app in our gallery. If you need more features, or you’d like to streamline other areas, just let us know what you need. Custom apps can also be quickly created.