Stocktake app

Easier stocktakes, better control

4 steps

to an easier stocktake

  1. Create worksheet. Select the items you’ll be counting based on Location, Group, Product and Bin ranges. Only active products are included.
  2. Start counting. Press ‘Start Scanning’ then scan the item (or search by product code), enter the count and press OK. To streamline processing, the count quantity can default to the Attache in-stock quantity.
  3. Check variances. Once all items have been counted, view the Variance Report. This can be emailed to the admin team for checking.
  4. Update products. This creates an adjustment file to update Attache for the stock variances. The adjustments include the user’s name, reference and stocktake record number.

Easier, faster and paperless

Use any web-enabled device

Create worksheets and count stock via smartphone or tablet. Add a compatible scanner if products are barcoded. Data is live and real-time; no uploads or downloads.

Save trees and save time

No more printed worksheets or manual data entry! After a count is finished, update Attache directly from the device. Adjustments include the user’s name and reference.

Increased accuracy improves profitability

Regularly counting sections of stock will keep records accurate. It also helps identify stock problems, avoids over/under ordering, and allows your sales team to sell with confidence.

Easy to use, wherever you’re counting

Start your first count within minutes

All your Attaché product data is immediately available. Users can manage the entire stocktake process from the warehouse, showroom, or their van; wherever stock needs to be counted. If you store barcodes against your products, add a scanner that’s compatible with the device.

Create worksheets as they’re needed

Each user can create their own worksheets as they’re about to begin a count. Select the ranges relevant to the count area; Location, Product Group, Product, Bin Location. When the selections are saved, the app will calculate the number of products that fall within the selections.

Unlimited worksheets can be created

If you have thousands of products to count, it’s much easier to count small sections at a time. Some sections may need to be counted more regularly, e.g. where items that sell quickly or are prone to shrinkage. Active worksheets are grouped into columns by Location code, with range selections displayed. Press a worksheet to get started.

Reset worksheet before counting (if needed)

The worksheet buttons show the main processing steps. If the worksheet was created some time in advance of the count, press Reset Worksheet to update the data. This will pick up any Attache processing changes that have occurred in the interim, such as a customer sale or product receipt. Then you’re ready to Start Scanning.

Scan barcode or search for product code

Notice the Search box at the top of the screen. If you’re using a barcode scanner, just point and click to select the product. Otherwise, type in the product code and press Search. You can also press Cancel and simply select the product from the left column, which displays all uncounted products. The Book Qty is Attaché's ‘Qty In Stock’ figure.

Count can default to book quantity

Type in the count quantity, which can automatically default to the ‘book’ quantity to streamline processing. Each stocktake record has a unique number; this one is 623. When the record is saved, the date, time, user name and reference is stored with the record.

Stock variances are displayed on screen

Counted products move from Unscanned into the Scanned column. Variance is displayed on-screen along with the date and time of the count. If overflow stock is stored in another area, the counted record can be selected and updated. As you move through the count, no items should remain in the Unscanned (uncounted) column.

Automatically update ‘uncountable’ products

In the real world, stock records aren’t perfect. Some products may have a zero book quantity, because they’re still sold but no longer stocked. Some products may have a negative book quantity due to data entry errors. To speed up processing, you can automatically set the counts for these ‘uncountable’ products to zero.

Generate variance reports from the app

When the count is complete, or at any time, you can generate the Variance Report. The report defaults to only including products with non-zero variances. The report can be viewed on-screen or emailed from the device in PDF format. This allows other staff to check variances before the stocktake process is finalised.

Update Attache stock levels from the device

The final step is to Update Products. This creates a keystroke file import (KFI) file which enters the variances as Product Adjustments. Once this is done the worksheet will no longer display within the app, but the worksheet data is available for future reporting if required.

Attache adjustments include user details

Each Product Adjustment created in Attache includes the stocktake record number (623) and user name (Ben). A unique Reference can be specified for each user; Ben’s is simply ‘Stocktake’. So that’s it; no further data entry is required, and not a single sheet of paper was printed.

Integrated, secure and customisable

Attache data is instantly available

All your suppliers are immediately available, along with purchasing history and Contacts (if used). Product data is also available. Data is live and real-time.

You have total control over data access

Your data remains on your local server; nothing is downloaded to the device. You are in complete control of user access. Mobile users have no access to Approval settings.

Add apps for more functionality

This is just one app in our gallery. If you need more features, or you’d like to streamline other areas, just let us know what you need. Custom apps can also be quickly created.