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Sales Representative

Jenny’s role is to build strong customer relationships. To do this she needs to stay in contact with her customers, monitor account issues, make notes about phone calls and visits, and take orders.

My Orders app

See comprehensive details for your customers, create tasks, schedule visits, view and create customer orders.

Sales Manager

Joanne’s mission is to build sales revenue. To do this she needs to oversee Sales Rep activity, check that sales targets are being achieved, and watch for customers whose spending has decreased.

Reports app

Access hundreds of free reports via the Store. Build a list of favourites. View and email reports from your device.

Stock Controller

Ben is responsible for ensuring that stock levels are correct. To do this he needs to regularly perform stocktakes on selected sections of the warehouse and report any variances to the General Manager.

Stocktake app

Segment your stock and perform paperless stocktakes whenever needed. Check variances and update Attache stock levels.


Patrick’s job is to ensure all warehouse equipment meets safety standards. To do this he needs to perform regular inspections and maintenance as as well as managing ad hoc repair work.

My Jobs app

Manage your active jobs in simple list format. Update status. Add notes, photos, time and materials. Create new jobs.

General Manager

George ensures the business is profitable by tightly controlling operational costs. To do this he needs to control purchase approval limits, monitoring purchasing activity, and approve or reject purchase requests.

Purchases Manager app

Allow staff to create purchase orders within defined limits. Over-limit purchases can be approved or rejected by management.